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Quick start guide

Here's a minimal version of the steps to run the Gowebly CLI.

🤔 Can't find the answer here?

Feel free to create an issue or start a discussion in the Gowebly project repository. And, of course, we would be happy if you could send a PR with suggestions for improving the docs.

First, download and install Go. Version 1.22 (or higher) is required.

Run the go run command to create a new project in the current folder:

go run create

Benefits of the go run command

With go run, you can use all features of the Gowebly CLI without installation to your system.

That's it! 🔥 A web application has been created in the current folder.

You can check which of the recommended tools are already installed on your system by using the doctor utility built into the Gowebly CLI:

go run doctor

If some tools are not installed, it is recommended that you install them yourself. Especially Node.js (or Bun) for building frontend parts of your application.

Now you can start developing your web application.

Use a ready-made packages

Download ready-made exe files for Windows, deb (for Debian, Ubuntu), rpm (for CentOS, Fedora), apk (for Alpine), or Arch Linux packages from the Releases page.

Install it like you normally would.

Gowebly CLI is 100% free and Open Source project under the Apache 2.0 license.
Official logo distributed under the Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA 4.0 International).